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Free access

Terms and conditions

The Gisgraphy project ( is a free, open-source project under the LGPL license V3. GeoNames data is under the creative commons attributions license. OpenStreetMap data is under the Creative Common by SA (CC-by-SA). All Gisgraphy webservices are deployed on a dedicated server, and can be called for free. You can use it to see if Gisgraphy meets your needs. The short description of all webservices is given on the home page and the user guide provides information on utilizing the services People can use the webservice on their site, if it is a personal, non-commercial and non-profit one AND in a smart way. People that abuse the service will be blacklisted. (Click here to see blacklisted IPs). Do not use Gisgraphy free services with a site that provides cloud services (Amazon, Google, AppEngine,...).

If you want to use Gisgraphy for commercial use or if you need QOS, you can :

No warranty, SLA, QOS, or response time guarantees are provided. The data is provided "as is" without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness. If you have any questions, and don't know if the way you want to use the free services is allowed, send an email.

URLs and demo pages

Here are the URLs of the free webservices. For each one, a demo page that uses the webservices under the hood is available.

You can go to the Demo page that use all the webservices on a map with auto completion and auto suggestions, geocoding, reverse geocoding and find nearby.

WebserviceAccess URLsExamplesDemo pages
Geocoding'1 avenue des champs elysees 75003 paris'&country=FR
Reverse geocoding
Street search
Address parser
  • avenue des champs elysees 75003 paris&country=FR
Find nearby
Fulltext/zipcode (with autocompletion / auto suggetions)