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Gisgraphy V 3.0 is out !

To follow the one version / per year (and after more than one year of development), I am proud to announce that the Version 3.0 of Gisgraphy is now available. It is a major versions where a LOT of functionalities has been added :
  • Importers have been improved and take less time to run (about 25%)
  • Dedicated Geocoding webservice.
  • Address parser web service.
  • Real fulltext search for street via SolR.
  • Streets are linked to their city.
  • Importer wizard.
  • Able to reset the import automatically via the admin interface.
  • Able to specify a GPS point for fulltext search.
  • ZIPcode importer.
  • Migrate to a newer SolR version.
  • More output formats supported.
  • Extracted some modules and libraries
  • Able to consider that all words as not required in a fulltext search.
  • User interface improved.
  • Admin interface improved.
  • CRUD interface to edit database entry(streets and place)
  • Gisgraphoid : Geocode on Android with same API as Google but with Gisgraphy
  • ....Read the complete change log

You can download it and give your feedback. You can also try it on the free server.

I am now focusing on feedback, bug fixes, and relevance tuning.

Enjoy !